June - AGM

This month we had our Annual General Meeting,

Leadership Team presented this year in review, outlining the changes that have been made and allowing Members to ask questions

A note was receved from the previous Director in reguards to the previous 6 months (before the current Director was appointed, and new Leadership Team formed)

Members have decided to donate this years surplus to 5 seperate charities

A change to the bylaws was proposed and upheld by the Members

Members decided the end of year celebration (held in December) will be Dinner at the Strawberry Hills Hotel


New MAsT: Sydney Website

As you can see The Leadership Team has been working very hard under the direction of MAsT: Sydney's new Chapter Director (Master Shane).

We now have a website!!!

The website is still in its infancy and needs your help to add valuable content, so please check out the site and give us your feedback. We have provided this resource to you so it's important that it works for you.

Things that we need specifically are Books and websites pertaining to M/s relationships. Also MAsT: Sydney would like to provide a list of crafters in our local area, that is anyone who hand makes items that supplement the M/s Lifestyle, not so much your stock standard items but people willing to build and make customised items as unique as each Master or slave.

Have a friend that just wants to make beautiful things for the wonderful people in our community? let them know we are happy to add them to our crafters directory, so that our Members and others can find them.


Dinner After Meetings

We know many of you have loving homes to go to, however if you just cant seem to tear yourself away from the socialising why not come and join us for dinner in Chinatown after the meeting? the food is cheap the company is good and you'll be spoiled for choice. The Leadership Team will be attending to debrief and relax after the meeting and would love the chance to get to know you better.


To our previous Leadership Team

The Leadership Team would like to take a moment to say a few words of appreciation to Lyn, our previous director, and those that assisted Lyn during her time as Director of MAsT: Sydney. Thank you for doing a wonderful job and we hope that we can rely on your help and support in the future.

Hope to see you at a Meeting Soon

From the MAsT: Sydney Leadership Team